My Journey Thus Far:

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well i admit that i got a bit angry yesterday.... I was angry at the fact that i wasn't losing any weight the second time i did the diet and i was mad that i wasted all that food... I should have waited till my body was comfortable at 185 before i started again... i should have waited till by bowels started moving normally... ugh so i went on a rampage... i ate 2 cups of vanilla/chocolate chip/cookie dough icecream, coffee, lemon/cherry cheesecake, 2 string cheese... i was so mad... Im still mad a little right now... but i've noticed my belly isn't as flabby so at least its changing and tightening. I went out with my friends yesterday for a bible study thing and i noticed that i was the largest one. Fattest one. I felt so disgusting. I once thought that i was pretty and cute but now i see myself as some girl that no one really cares for. sigh... Im off the diet for 4 days... ill give myself four days till i really get overboard and comfortable with food.

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