My Journey Thus Far:

Friday, March 23, 2012


This plateau at 195-196 sucks :( the three day diet got me right on 195, thankfully, but it wont budge past! So now i have to bring out the big guns to my diet... The Lemonade Diet.... It is sure to work! and if i get done with 10 days of it i can be 175 after :D yey!!! I've done this diet before so it shouldn't be too hard and i'll know what to look out for. Last time i did this diet perfectly i lost 10 pounds in 5 days! But remember i am really over weight so its easier for me to lose that much compared to a 140lb person.

so wish me luck!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


So many of you may be wondering, "Where has Dove gone off to?" Well I started my gym regime and i would take my Tracy Anderson workout and Zumba Exhilarate and do it there. My Friend, whom i will call MK, is doing it with me and she is stick thin so it drives me to do more exercising. at first i gained weight because my body hasn't been at the gym in forever and it bloated from all the stress but im glad to say that im 195 now again and thinner than i've ever been at 195! the top of my arms and clavicles are showing more prominently, thighs have space between when i have my legs apart, stomach is much flatter too! But i was plateauing 196 -198 so i decided to do the three day diet (in the tabs if interested); started at 198 now im 195 and today is day 2 so hopefully ill be 192 tomoro! Plus it helps being in love with someone lol right now im trying to love myself more because if you do it for someone or something you'll fail... i've failed many times because i did it for a guy or my mom or because summer is coming. Love yourselves!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

hard work = lower numbers

So yesterday i decided not to eat and surprisingly i made it through the day without any real food. I juiced something that had red cabbage, apples, kale, celery, cucumbers, carrot and it didn't taste like much so i only had 2 cups of it. Throughout the day i weighed myself and it slowly went down, I got super excited! Plus i did a body wrap with cling wrap and did a walking video, a Tracy anderson metamorphosis muscle work out, and i still had energy to go to choir! yey! But dont get me wrong, it was tough to push myself.

So i got up this morning and weighed myself and i got 195.5!!!! woohoo!
5 more pounds before i hit my #1 goal! what should be my reward? any ideas?


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

another pound down

Because of my stupid sore throat and throbbing headache i had only one glass of juice and had to drink 2 cups of coffee with the migraine meds, and a bowl of soup for my dizziness and throat. But i wont beat myself up. why? well cuz i still lost a pound !!! 198 sounds so good! Plus i noticed that i didnt want to eat anything yesterday but i had to cuz of dizziness and i had to drive to class. So im going to try not eating anything today :)

wish me luck!


Monday, March 5, 2012


So, yesterday i hit 199lbs! yey! im dont 6lbs! but then a friend of mine had everyone come over for crepes... and i was like "i haven't really ate anything and i have been doing really good with juicing... this shouldn't hurt" so i ate the crepes ... a half hour after the full meal, i felt terrible and the stuff went right through me... BUT i was thinking, its probably the juice cuz the kale and spinach were a bit limp. And today i wanted to experiment,... what if it is the carbs? ... so i ate pancakes and cereal, i actually didn't enjoy it.... And now i am miserable with this belly ache and i want to throw up and get it out!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!

I hate carbs now and have learned my lesson :(

But in good news, ... im 199!!!! :D good bye 200s!!!!!

Back to juicing!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hey all you wonderful ppl!

So there is good news! I am getting healthy and thin! After watching "fat, sick, and nearly dead" I was determined to try juicing :) And it has helped! I have a big appetite for sweets and it takes a lot of volume to get me to feel satisfied. Luckily this diet works wonders! You get a lot of fruit and veggies into your body for a instant nutrient boost and you feel full fast. Sure when i started it was hard cuz i was craving the bad foods and carbs but now since my tongue has been tasting fresh produce i dont want that stuff anymore! :D and i lost 5 lbs! and its been like 5 days... and thats with cheating a bit! :D If you watch this documentary you will be amazed! Especially if you are over 200lbs like i am,... there is fast results!
Ive been watching a lot of youtube videos lately, trying to find answers to fast results and inspiration...especially since i have my own labtop :D hee hee .... and came across a amazing product! It Works products! These before and afters are amazing and there are many youtube videos of normal ppl who tried it and have amazing results! In just 45 min, ppl lose inches! I want to try this for myself when my brother's wedding will come closer... In the mean time, check it out yourself :D
I also have joined a awesome choir that gets out into the community. I have met some really cool people. One in particular, i will call Giraffe, he is really smart, really funny, easy to talk to, but there is a problem... his looks dont compare to his personality and my mother would never approve of him just because of that... Though we are just friends, and probably always will be, through a conversation we recently had... he likes a certain girl that he works with... she is pretty and skinny, and nothing like me... but it showed me that even if a guy isn't a good looking hunk, he too wants a beautiful and skinny girl... :( oh well, this just makes me want to change even more!

In other news, if you remember, i have a guy friend that looks like rob pattinson... i saw him recently... <3 ... nice as ever... though we dont talk much we both talk like we've always known each other... He is my motivation, my muse, even if nothing happens between him and i, i will always will be grateful to know him :)Anyone reading this? lol

Love you all,