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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BW 3

Well today is the start of day 3 of the buckwheat diet and its going really well. I've been going to the gym daily too. So i get up today to weigh myself and im a remarkable 184ish :D its awesome! I want to be on this diet forever! But i know that im going to have to stop sometime...

My good friend's birthday is coming up :S and i told her i cant go to the party, its really true i cant but im also glad that im not going cuz ill be the elephant in the room, so i'm taking her out instead. Im taking her to a Sushi place :D I LOVE SUSHI!!! plus you can get the miso soup that is really filling. And then right after that day im going back on the BW diet!

At the rate that i'm losing weight, i'll definitely be 10kg less on Monday! And ready to face Handsome-man... well maybe not quite yet, but to show a more beautiful me and get the fat picture of me out of his head :P I wish i knew his schedule for college so i can innocently bump into him :P

7lbs less,

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