My Journey Thus Far:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cant wait much longer!

Im really scared and im really excited,
Im really anxious and im really frightened,
Im waiting for Handsome-man to add me :S

I felt like crying all day today.

I take vocal lessons and my mother has been really mad at me lately.
The lessons are expensive and yet i haven't held up my end of the bargain.
I was supposed to sing a so
ng in church every 2-3 months. I have songs ready, really i do!
I dont want to point blame, but the reason i haven't is because my brother wont learn the piano part on time,
he tells me last minuet that he can't play on certain days, and other things.

I know he's busy and that he really does have other better things to do,
but why not just let me have someone else play the part?
"Nooooo its my sheet music!" he says :(

So now i am in deep trouble, anger,
and sad that i may have to stop my lessons just because of my brother.

Since i was in shambles most of the day,

i had lost my appetite a bit.
I weighed myself before

eating a huge home-made sandwich
:P yum
I was a good 187 :) can't wait till 185!
Ive been going to the gym every day now since i've started!
I do incline walking/running/power walk,
weights for my arms,
and lots of crunches for the tummy
:) It feels good...


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  1. I am on the worship team for church and I sing 1-2 songs a week. I know how it feels on crunch-time.

    The piano is not a very hard instrument to learn. I think if you searched 'keyboard' and not 'piano' you could find a lot of stuff. It's just chords, three notes to a triad and then you're good to go. I started playing the piano at church after one month of teaching myself in secret. And it's a ton of fun. Try this song, playing and singing it for church: "Soon and Very Soon" Brooke Fraser. GOOD LUCK sweet girl!