My Journey Thus Far:

Monday, January 31, 2011

Going back

SO, i lost a good 12lbs and i've kept it off :) plus i look skinnier!
Im going back on the lemonade diet for the next 5 days [mon.-fri.] and then me and my friend are going on the 3 day diet [saturday, sunday, monday]... and hopefully ill at least lose 15 pounds from it all :)
I've been so busy with school and work and stuff that i barely get to eat, and sometimes dont feel like eating... which is good... Thats why i really like the lemonade diet... it makes you really watch what you want and your satisfaction level is lower once off so you can keep going on not eating much at all :)
Im excited!!!!
My birthday is coming up too on the 19th of Feb. and i have to at least be 168lbs...

love ya all!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Sorry that i haven't written in a long while
But i have some good news :)
Im finally in the 180s!
Well im 188lbs but still i feel really really good!
Thanks to the Lemonade diet :D
I only did 5 days out of 10 and i lost 10 lbs...
I gained some back but then i had the control to stop eating much at all!
Im going to do it again and this time i'll try to do it for 10days :)
Im not sure when ill start, but i will :)
I have 2 jobs and now college... its craziness


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bouncing Back!

So after my bro's bday sushi, i kinda sucked at the diet thing and didn't lose weight :S
But im back on it and its my 2nd day :) i lost 4 lbs (though it might be just water weight)
Im exercising too so that helps knowing its not just water
This is a hard diet :S
Im tired all the time, cold, cranky, and just ew...
But from watching the youtube videos, this should only last the first few days... i hope

I have just 5 months and 1 day to lose about 50 lbs and i think its really manageable...
I've been watching the new series I Used to be Fat... and there is this girl who loses like 90 lbs!!! She was 250 in the begining and she ends up being 160 at the end of like 89 days...
If she can do it, so can I :)

I hope all of you are doing well

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 2 Lemonade

Today, for some reason, the lemonade isn't so tasty lol....
Part of this diet is you have to drink a herbal tea laxative before you go to bed, and i did... And it worked cuz i got up at 6:44am to eliminate my waste!!!! plus you have to do a salt water flush and that worked too but since i already went to the bathroom with the laxative, i only eliminated salt water (for the most part)...
So,... this diet seems to be detoxing me as it should but i know i have to work out too.. and im a bit too lazy to do it... which isn't good... so i'll go do a couple videos after i post this...
Im excited to see how much i can lose with this diet cuz i have watched YouTube videos on this and there have been many success stories :) like this one guy lost 20lbs within 10 days!!! but of course he worked out and stuff....
One bad thing about today is that it's my little brother's birthday... he's finally 15 :P ... and he wants to go to a sushi place tonight for his birthday and i'm thinking "how am i supposed to get through this day????" this sucks so bad.... I dont know what im going to do really... i really dont know... any suggestions?

Love ya all!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Im BACK!!!!

Soooo sorry for the long wait...
My new job is killing me!... i'm only supposed to work for on call but they put me on schedual and make you cover other shifts!!!!!

Well my dieting this has been going alright... im stuck around 195-7 which is alright cuz im finally out of the 200s!!!!
The diet i started today is the famous Lemonade diet! .... And it tastes great!!! very refreshing :P ... But for me i already drank though the 2 liters before 2pm lol and now i only have water for the rest of the day :S i hope i can make it!!!

Definitely starting to go to the gym again and excited to go (for some odd reason lol)
I have only 159 days to lose at least 40 lbs so better get started :)
I started to watch the show "I used to be fat" (there is only 1 episode cuz it just started) and this girl started out as 253 and at the end of 111 days, she was 160ish!!! that totally reved me up!
If she can do it, i can too :)

I hope you guys tried the 3 day diet on your own :) I love that diet :P
Any comments or suggestions please post :)

love you all my followers :D

ps its good to be back!!!!