My Journey Thus Far:

Buckwheat diet!

Buckwheat gives satiety and simultaneously cleanses the body. On a diet of buckwheat can be reset 4-10 kg a week or two. Take cereal, for normal cooking, pour boiled water and leave to infuse overnight, cooking does not need anything. Grechka should be eaten without salt and spices. It can be supplemented with 1% fat yogurt, but not more than 1 liter per day.

In any amount you can drink the water: a simple or mineral without gas. For 4-6 hours before bedtime - no food! If hungry - for 40-60 minutes before sending to bed you can afford a maximum of 1 cup of yogurt, diluted in half with water.


Every day for 1-2 weeks eat:
1liter of 1% fat Buttermilk
2 cups of Buckwheat
Total calories: 808 cals

My Way:
2 cups Buttermilk (1% fat/low fat)
2 cups (dont have to eat all) Buckwheat
Total Cals: 620 cals