My Journey Thus Far:

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Tomoro is a big day to a new start in my life as a Fat child... and im pretty nervous... Will i be able to do it? or will i just fail?? :S
Buckwheat diet will be the first... its simple and easy... i will try it for 7 days... if no luck, i will try another diet... cuz whats the point of doing it for the full 14 if there is no loss??
Then i will do the 3 day diet... last time i did this, i lost 10 lbs... so i know it works...
Then i will try the lemonade diet... i've tried to start it before but i was tight on money etc so i will do it right this time!
Thats my diet line-up for now... i will definitely keep you followers posted!!!


Ps Thanks for all the support and comments!!!
Fluer, its good to hear from ya :) im glad you are okay!
And to the person who wants to gain weight, include more dairy, eggs, and protein to gain weigh without the extra water weight :)


There are 31 days in December, 31 pounds can be lost... The only thing i need now is a plan on how i will lose the weight???
Today i am planning not to eat after 9am... and so far its a good plan because i have to work today too! (10:45-3:45) So for a big chunk of the day i wont be eating.
I am also going to be having a good amount of money coming in from my 2 jobs this month, so i can by stuff for my diets: Lemonade diet, Buckwheat diet, 3 day diet, and buying new workouts!
My mom even advised me to fast :S That i will certainly do.... ON SUNDAYS... cuz all other days im too stressed and wanting to eat really badly... Plus i can sleep the whole day!
First diet will be the buckwheat diet... i know i know i keep trying to start it but fail,... but its the only one i can really start... And hopefully it will work out really great!
Welcome new followers! hope you enjoy the blog! if you have any suggestions to improving the blog, please give me comments :)
<3 Ya all!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stupid me and new job

This new job is soooo not easy... its so tiring and physically intense! ugh all i want to do is eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat!!!! :(( Plus my mom found laxatives in my room and she try to start this whole lecture on how its bad and stuff... and i was like Mom i know.... I only really use it when really need it... and it really is the truth.... i dont follow the 7 day straight pattern i use it sporadically... so she was like "Okay well just eat more fruits and vegetables and get prunes and prune juice" ... yeah sure mom, right away... i didn't even get my check yet!!! :((.... i have to by shoes for my new job and i have to pay for my spring semester (im taking Organic Chem and Microbio)... so yeah... stressful... so if you haven't noticed, when im stressed i eat big time :S.... I should do the cookies and coffee thing again... that worked real well too... till thanksgiving came along and stuff... Girls sorry for being a bother today... i hope you enjoy the pics at least :) lots of Abs showing!!! {DOVE} P.S. Welcome new follower Redlipandmusic!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey day is finally over

A little more turkey, a little more fruit tart, a glass of Laxative and ill be done for the day! I can't wait for tomoro to come... Finally ill start the buckwheat diet and finally see if it will work or not! first four days will be easy.... i have training from 6am-2pm and then things to do during the day... i will schedule my days and ill stick to them! ill take care of myself more better too :) More details later! I want to lose 30lbs by New Years.... Its a nasty feat to overcome but i think i can do it! Ill starve myself to get it... so ill finally feel comfortable in my own skin again.... So Buckwheat diet first, if that won't work... it will be the 3 day diet next,.... then i want to try the lemonade diet again.... all in all it should get me to my goal! {DOVE} p.s. Hello new follower!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Well, the diet i was supposed to end today didn't happen... I tried on Monday but it soon proved that is beyond what i can do.... I'd rather drink water all day than drink juice!... Its like teasing your body and then it gets you back by making you binge :( No worries, im starting training for my new job this friday and its for 4 days from 6am-2pm so its a great way to start the Buckwheat diet!!! so im excited... I dont want to weigh myself at this point :S {DOVE}