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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ah yes

To Isla Lynn: I actually can play piano I have had strict classical lessons for about 6 years before i dropped out due to the start of college and work,... But i am not at all good at it, and my stage fright is horrendous with instruments,... especially if i have to do two things at once lol... But i know i will figure something out... I do sing sometimes with my group but i just doesn't count i guess :S And thanks for all your support :)

Now to my Post:
I would like you all to check out my new blog, Easy Bible Read... very simple and straight forward and no commitment intended... but just check it out :)

Since i've been going to the gym, and using weights to shape up, I am now 190lbs but im not a blubbery 190, im a more toned 190,... which is good :P I can still fit into my pants and look better in my shirts!

Handsome-man still didnt approve my request :( Maybe he doesn't use facebook anymore?

thats it... i got nothing else,

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