My Journey Thus Far:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3 day diet results

So, i did the 3 day diet and i lost 5 lbs!!! :D
It would have been 10 if i followed it through... i drank Starbucks, i didn't drink enough water, i didn't eat all the food, and didn't exercise :( But 5 lbs is pretty good anyway...

Last time i did this, i did lose 10lbs :) I followed everything plus i went to the gym for at least 2 hrs, ate everything before 6pm, and drank water like a fish!!! So i totally recommend this diet!!!!

Im going to do it again next week before new years :) But ill definitely do it right...
Hope everyone is doing great!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I have no strength today, i worked too and i almost fell over... Ugh... But its okay, im doing quite good :)

Im doing my favorite 3 day diet!!!! on thursday... if anyone else wants to join, please tell me! I have a friend here who is probably going to get engaged soon wants to do this with me, so... Come and join! ... you can get the info in the tabs below my page pic ^^^

Im a good stable 197, and im proud of that... i got out of the 200s... with this diet, ill be able to go alot lower :) ... With this 3 day diet, you have to exercise! and it is set in breakfast, lunch, and dinner... you Can NOT spread the food out throughout the day!!!! that defeats the purpose of it having a special reaction and you will not lose weight!

Enjoy the pic my lovelies!

Monday, December 13, 2010

small happiness

Sorry for nor writing in a long time... but i do have good news... I am losing weight! and im not really that hungry anymore either :)
My sister got engaged recently and i am supposedly going to be a bride's maid... so i need to lose all this by JUNE!!! Which i think i will be able to do :)
So far im wavering on195-197 but thats okay cuz i am barely eating today... And i hope by the end of this week ill be 185-187... far away from the 190's
The 3 day diet helped me lose my appetite... i didn't do it quite right, but it helped anyway... I want to do the buckwheat diet but my mom wants me to try this other diet first, so hopefully it will be great...
Love you all :) i hope you like the pics :D

Thursday, December 9, 2010

2nd day of the 1st day

Okay i must admit, the 3 day diet is a bit challenging... yesterday i was doing well... until i decided to stay up and started to have a head ache... but i didn't go over-board with eating so I'm still safe... i am doing day 1 a second time.... which I'm excited for :P.... And i must exercise during this diet!!! lately I've been kinda lazy.. not looking after my phone and falling asleep.... my mom is calling me a child... :( ... its my fault, i agree, but i work a LOT now and its not easy trying to work 2 jobs and still keep up with school :S i NEED more sleep x(Well, college will be over next Wednesday, so that will take a load off of me at least....

hope you all enjoy these photos!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Small relief

So, Im a bit stuck between 197-200 lbs... which is kinda good cuz i dont want to ever go back up again!... tomoro i plan to do the 3 day diet! i got my check so i can start it :) i just have to buy a few things... so hopefully ill be 190 at the end of the 3 days :) and then 4 days of only buckwheat and then again 3 day diet...

My cravings have been a bit edgy... some days i can go without eating till 2 or even 8pm sometimes... and there are days that i want to gorge on any and everything!... I take it as as sign of growth :P for now

On the down side, i may be getting the flu :S... i feel slow, like a turtle, and i hope i am not... college finals are next week!!! and i need to study study study!!!

But to end on a good note, i can't wait till winter break! that means i can stay in bed all day and exercise more and have more flexibility in not eating.

New years is comming!!! AHHHH!!!! i hope ill be 170 :S
Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Today i worked alone at my second job... and it was crazy!... i was ready to cry and quit :S... but after morning rush, and a few glitches, it wasn't so bad ... Im still really nervous working there, but at least now i know i can do it... And im more confident now in my choice of being a registered nurse :)

When i got off of work today i weighed myself, it was 195! :D thats just great! cuz if you add 2 lbs because of water weight, im 197! :D yey! i can't wait to see what my weight is for tomoro cuz i want to fast on sundays :)

I also want to thank all the followers for commenting :) they are very nice and encouraging :) keep them coming! :P