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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Buckwheat diet day 1

Well i just started today, and its not that bad. I can eat buckwheat all day and buttermilk (only 1 liter). I hope this will work. It should work, i don't know what else to do. I cant fast, i cant make myself stay at the gym, i love sweets, and stuff like that. So i was thinking for this diet, Ill be on buckwheat and kefir for 2 weeks, then 2 weeks without kefir, and then two weeks on cuz i've been reading up on the diet (barely any info out there), And it is said that with the kefir it makes you rapidly lose weight... I dont want to get into a plateau or anything so i'll try it this way. Besides it was only intended to be for 2 weeks... I know a girl who was on it for more than a month!!!

I went to bed really late last night and before i went to sleep i checked my facebook one last time. And finally he added me. It was a bit odd because i wonder why he added so late at night as well, and then I find that he is like 24 going on 25 years of age and knowing that his church don't really wear wedding rings, it makes me wonder if he is married or not. FYI the Slavic community marries really early. So im just sitting there thinking... looking around his profile... Some things aren't adding up... The display name really isn't his name, barely goes on his facebook at all, the email that is displayed is even more screwed up (has a name but not his name), and things like that.... is someone impersonating him? I dont know.... Its just all too weird for me right now... I wonder if he is going to reply to my message i sent.. only the really Handsome-man can answer it, so we'll see what happens.

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