My Journey Thus Far:

Monday, September 6, 2010

Yummy Sushi!

I totally ate a bunch of sushi with my friend yesterday. It was good to have some girl time and catch up n stuff. I was afraid after yesterday's food rampage that i would be 190 but nope :) good 187...
Since im starting my 2nd round of the 3 day diet, hopefully ill be a 177 when im done...Im really excited... really really really excited!!!... I can't wait to be a fashion girl with awesome hair, dress, and makeup that roams the halls of the college campus... or at church :P
I want to feel good about myself again... i dont want to be comfortable... Ive been comfortable too long, that is why i haven't noticed the growing fat on me the last few years!
Time for a change :)
So pumped up for the diet xD
Its weird but true



  1. Sushi is my favorite food ever. And it's relatively low in calories! I too have sushi dates with all my girlfriends. Great time to catch up.


  2. I love sushi! It's delicious and low in calories <3 not to mention it's pretty healthy for the mind and an amazing meal to chat over with.