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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2nd Diet Day

Yesterday was very uneventful... and when i checked my weight today it was still 187 :(... But i guess i just need to be more patient this time around because i am drinking alot more water and it might be because of that. Ill just drink less water today. Im also trying not to eat after 6pm. I have been hearing that just by doing this you can lose some weight as well. And also if you jump-rope for 10 min, you'll burn 100 cals :)
I cant wait till i get this day over with and see what my weight will be tomoro... hopefully the diet didn't stop working. Cuz that would just be really frustrating. Wasting all that money on food,... Not being able to eat all the goodies that we had in those days... and being such an outsider to friends and family... Just because of this diet i had to miss out on coffee with friends (they totally thought i was wierd for not getting any, such a bad support), with family i missed out on good barb-e-Q, and my sis made her scrumptious lemony cheese cake :( sigh... I hope its worth it...
I may not be 177 when im done with this diet, but at least be 180... I need to start fitting into my cloths again! its hard to hide the extra tire i have.... Its a lot better since i lost the 10 lbs, but i still have a bit more.... Oh i just pray that i lose the extra weight i've added this past summer...


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  1. It's a bad idea to limit your water intake. Water is a much needed thing when you're fasting or restricting or exercising. Please keep drinking girl, you don't want to become dehydrated or pass out.