My Journey Thus Far:

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Diet mistakes!

I just realized that i totally did the diet wrong yesterday; I got mad, ate 2 pizza slices, 2 cups of cherry coke, a piece of chocolate, and a handful of dark chocolate covered pomegranate. But not to worry, Im fine now, and buzzed on the food i ate...

My mom noticed that i was not eating the buckwheat and she was like "I thought you were going to be serious on this diet" "I already told everyone that you are going on this diet" "i wanted to see if its going to work so i can go on it" "You never have a middle ground on food! you either eat everything you want or you eat nothing!" ... ugh ...

Im starting it tomoro, since i know what i did wrong... Plus ill be going to the gym in the morning and going to college straight after so that I will ONLY eat buckwheat and Kefir... plus i may have the chance to see Handsome-man... Dont worry im not really stuck on him anymore..

I have a penpal, I've been writing to him since e
ver! about 6 years now i believe and its really cool... I want to visit him in 2 years (when i have the money). I cant wait to see him! Yes, its a guy! He is really cool, i love it that he has such girl drama and then im kinda there to pick up the pieces, cuz everyone needs someone once in a while to think things through...SO i must get skinny!

I cant wait till im skinny :)


  1. Parents are always like that. "Why do you eat so much?" "Why don't you eat?" Nothing's good enough.
    I hope the diet goes well :)