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Friday, September 24, 2010

Screw it!

Im really sad... Ive been waiting for a reply for a week now and no approval :(
This sucks sooo bad! I had hope that my looks wont mean anything, that his smiles looked past all that... But i guess i was wrong... He doesn't remember me, im just another girl, just another FAT girl... Ive never felt so ugly... Im totally starting the Buckwheat diet tomoro... I want to try to do it for a month,... but ill shoot for 2 weeks to lose the 10kg... I hope it really works, i need to go back to my regular weight!... and hopefully i can do it much longer to actually lose more weight! Though i know this wont fill the hole in my heart, Its something to start with....


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  1. Oh girl, keep your chin up. It's a dark night but morning light is always promised. Much love.