My Journey Thus Far:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well i weighed myself and it came out to be 187 :) It made me really happy! Though im "off" diet. I go along with the diet in a way, but i did tweak it. Today im planning on making a sandwich, Have my coffee, and have another cup with my cake. Thats all im going to have today. Plus i drink this "ballerina" tea. Which cleases the colon, And it works, but there is a big warning to using these things. You cant constantly use them. If you do, your butt muscles will Start to relax and after a while you wont be able to hold in your own poop and then you are going to have to use some form of laxative to help yourself poop. Its as disgusting cycle of events. Im being extra careful. Extra extra extra careful.
To those you abuse laxatives, stop while you still can!
YOU WILL RUIN YOUR COLON!!! Once that happens you are going to have to have a sort of plastic bag hanging off of your body that collects your poop. And it is NOT reversible!!! Instead try prunes, dates, plums etc.


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  1. There are enough natural laxatives, like prunes or watermelon, which are harmless. The best way to lose is to limit the amount you eat and to be very selective about what you eat. Naturally exercise helps, but the most important part of shedding pounds is patience.

    Too many hopefuls expect to lose constantly and thats not the right way to look at weight loss. It took a long time to put on the pounds and you will not lose the excess overnight or even in a short time.

    Most crash diets may work in the short run, but then a person may revert to old unhealthy eating habits and the whole thing is wasted.

    Staying thin is a lifelong process which calls for commitment and self discipline.