My Journey Thus Far:

Monday, September 26, 2011


Well, I've been on the lemonade diet for like 3 days and there is progess... well til i ate... but i was surprised that i was able to contain myself and only go for simple good food... nothing out of a bag or box or processed :) and i think it'll do me some good cuz i run 5 mi a day now!!!

from 200
I am now 191 :)

i hope i'll go far


Saturday, September 24, 2011


So Sorry for not writting much this past few months... i've been super busy!!!

NO, i did not become thin for my sis's wedding... i lost a good 20 lbs in the beggining and then my body just stopped and gained some of it back :S but at least i fit into the dress right? lol

WEll, now that i'm back.. i need to tell you what i'm doing right?
I got back up to 200 lbs :S but i've been losing it ... right now im about 194
I started to go to the gym everyday and i make myself run at least 5 miles and to do a workout at home...
The workout im using right now is Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson and i really like it... you feel the burn! and in 5 min or less you will start sweating lol

Though i've only lost like 6 lbs, i see a difference.... my stomach is firm, skin feels good, and my hunger is in check :)

Im on the Lemonade diet right now... and i absolutely love it!... last time i did this, i only did it for 5 days and i literally lost 10lbs and i had a small meal every day of it; of course i did major exercise with it too... THis time i am doing it for 10 days so i can go back to my previous weight of 2 years ago, 175lbs... i hope for 180 but 175 is a good one too

You probably have heard of this diet before and lots of ppl have different recipies... this one is mine:

100ml of lemon juice (fresh squeezed)
+ 100ml Grade B maple syrup
-> into a empty 2 liter bottle
+ 1/4 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper or to taste
... fill the rest of the bottle with water

easy isn't it? :D

ill keep you all updated :)


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Good food = Bad diet

So, the past few weeks i was trying to just eat very good healthy food... no junk, soda, etc... But it didn't help at all :S there are a lot of girls who are like "just eat healthy and it will slim you down" yeah right... sure... load of bullocks that is... but i guess they only did fruits and vegetables or something... but i dont know... i didn't like it cuz i didn't feel like i was dieting you know? So i was confused to how to do it and it just ruined my weight... i literally gained the 7 lbs i lost :(

But its alright... i got it covered... ill be doing the 3 day diet tomorrow and then ill follow that with the Lemonade diet after it for 5 days... and ill see if i loose 20 lbs that way... im obese so i should lose that much weight (yes i know most of it will be water weight)

I also ordered this new exercise package... its called Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson.... and it should help me start working out cuz its only like 30 min each tape and thats perfect cuz i dont like to workout that much right now... the extra weight on me makes it really hard... and it hurts to jump a lot :S ... but ill be getting it this coming Tuesday :)

I heard only one comment as to how often i should post picks to be every 30lbs... so thats what ill do :)

good luck everyone

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hey Everyone...

First of all thankyou all who are still following me :)

@Neeska: You are totally right, we fall but we get right back up again :) and its 2011 and its MY time to SHINE!!! Its OUR time dammit!!!! im sooo pumped up :D

@Jane Pansy: Im trying to find friends online, but i think i need to depend on myself for support cuz once those friends are gone, what am i to do? :) I've heard of the ABC diet and think of doing it but i need to do a little preparing for it :D
Oh and i've got a ton of pictures and watch millions of videos :P

Its good to be back on the road to thinness!!!! I've got my first batch of 180 pills and started to take them with a bunch of vitamins (calcium, flax, pills for skin hair nails, etc)... but the diet pills are funny cuz they don't really have anything diet about them... the nutrition states it has Acai, apple vinigar, etc :) all to suppress appetite! And they have been working :D i am now 194 lbs :) But a bad side effect from all these pills is insomnia ... but i hope it goes away once my body is used to them...

I started the LEMONADE DIET today :) im super excited! but i decided to do it Monday through friday every week so i can lose lots of weight this month... Last time i did this, I lost 10lbs in just 5 days and i felt wonderful! plus it helped me shrink my stomach so i didn't eat too much at once any longer... so im excited! hopefully i'll lose 25lbs this month!

Do you want me to post before/after pics when im down 10lbs? 20lbs? or every 30 lbs?

wish me luck :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hate Myself

I dont know what has happened to me ....
I used to be 168 lbs just 2 years ago :(
Now im back up close to 200lbs :((

Depression has been nasty
Trying to take the thoughts of suicide out of my head
its not getting any better

I need to move out of my parent's house
but i got no money to spare

O God help me!

I just bought 360 count of diet pills...
they better work

going to go drink some wine to calm me down


Thursday, May 19, 2011

oh poop

you know how i eat more because of stress? well thanks to that im up at 197 again :((((
I am such a loser :(

Saturday, April 9, 2011

oh yeah baby!!!

i want my story to be like this fine lady... she got skinny in the end <3

Sexy mirror picture: i want to do one, but in the future :P
"Fix up, Look sharp," says the fine looking man... it's what i need to do to get one!

Beautiful transformation <3

I want to look like this when im 100 lbs ^^^ what do you think?

SO i got up this morning kinda irritated and nervous.. why? ... well i ate 2 oranges more than i should have yesterday :S but that's okay... cuz i lost 2 more pounds!!!! so i am 184 now!!! :D It feels sooooo goood!!!! once im done with the diet, ill post the diet up on the tabs up above^^^^ and the lemonade diet :) they are both so awesome!

But a few hurdles are coming... 1) my sister's bridal shower today that will be full of good tasting foods and sweets (especially my favorite honey cake :P); 2) my period (i usually gain 5 lbs from water gain :X) and 3) stress from my upcoming organic Chemistry exam can cause a eating spike :S .... sigh... oh geez i hope i can make it!... i have worked too hard to get under 185 and i cant make anything stop me now from being under 180!!!! i hope for the best!

In other news,... i saw my Robert Pattinson - like guy the other day... he's cuter than ever! ... but he's playing hard to get... but i played it right back :P ... i hope ill be in better shape soon to show him how beautiful i am... and that he can't have me ;D to make him want me more! lol ... oh im just babbling nonsense i guess to the people who just started to follow me,... read past post to be filled in! :P

If i can lose weight, you can too... have faith in yourselves my ladies! {DOVE}

Friday, April 8, 2011

oh well :)

This picture really shows me what im striving for and a glimpse of what i can be.

I really like this pic, clean and beautiful and thin.... thats what i want

So in the morning of day 3 i was soooo excited! cuz i was 184.5... but of course stupid me went on an eating rampage!!! :( but all is good i am like 185.5 ish... so i didn't gain anything :) Im doing day 3 all over again so ill have the chance to lose 10 lbs the next 5 days. And hopefully ill be able to fit into my little black dress again! and the rest of my clothes :P I am so happy to find somthing that really works for me and i dont have to starve myself! but i know ill have to train myself to not eat later to get to 100lbs... {DOVE}

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

day 1 results

so this morning i had to weight myself and even after eating 4 potatoes and 2 cups of 1% buttermilk i still lost 3 pounds :) yey! And today i had to eat 2 cups of fat free cottage cheese and 2 cups butter milk (and cheated by eating a subway white macadamian cookie dough) i am 186! :D so i can't wait to weigh myself tomoro morning!!! So i hope you ladies are doing great as well :) enjoy the pics! {DOVE}

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Im back :)

Sorry for the long wait,... its been crazy :S But im back and with a full vengeance to lose weight!!!! though im up to 190 again, i have a diet plan that will help me get to 180.... Its a Buttermilk (aka kefir) diet... and in 7 days you lose 14lbs... especially for overweight ppl like me! and then i plan on doing the lemonade diet ! i love the lemonade diet!!!! but its really hard to do :S... but you lose like 2 lbs a day! 10 days = 20lbs!!... i only did it for 5 and i lost10! so my dear ladies, i hope you enjoy the pics and see me shrink soon :) {DOVE}

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Im a big fat ugly cow :(

Ugh i hate the way i've been eating lately!
Ive been on and off a diet and cant seem to finish one or start one :S
Im going to try once again to start the 3 day diet... but i've found i have no more peanut butter :(
So ill try to do the lemonade diet tomoro... i need to do 10 days on it!!!!!
But it sucks cuz im going out with family for my birthday on sunday :((((
Maybe fast until the dinner??
ugh... good thing i just went back to 185... and im totally doing a long night at the gym!!!
Plus a lax tea for the night...
I hope you are having more luck than me!!!


Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yes! Finally!!!! i broke my 185lbs plateau!!! Im 183! :D
This feels sooo good!
Im on the 3 day diet right now and i started at 187 on wednesday... so i lost 4 lbs already....
I am really happy :)
But the bad new is that the lemonade diet made me a bit constipated :S cuz of all the laxatives and salt water flush :S But im getting it under control and next time im not going to do that part of the diet ...

so thats whats going on :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


My mom is so hilarious....
First she wants me to lose weight and glad i did some and now then is mad at the way i lose weight.. and now that she finally realized that its the only way i could really lose weight right now she is letting me do it???? WHAT??? im sooooo frustrated!!!! I could have been 175lbs right now but nooooooo my mom had to rebel against the lemonade diet...
Why wont YOU lose 50 lbs MOM!!!!????
So sadly, i can't give you a review on the lemonade diet... but i can say that it does work... It works the best when you exercise with and when you dilute the juice so you can something to sip on all day.....
Im soooo behind schedule!!!! i have less than 16days till my birthday and no where near 170 :(
Ill try to do the lemonade diet for 10 days! it is said that you can lose 20 lbs on it :D

Hope all is well,

Monday, January 31, 2011

Going back

SO, i lost a good 12lbs and i've kept it off :) plus i look skinnier!
Im going back on the lemonade diet for the next 5 days [mon.-fri.] and then me and my friend are going on the 3 day diet [saturday, sunday, monday]... and hopefully ill at least lose 15 pounds from it all :)
I've been so busy with school and work and stuff that i barely get to eat, and sometimes dont feel like eating... which is good... Thats why i really like the lemonade diet... it makes you really watch what you want and your satisfaction level is lower once off so you can keep going on not eating much at all :)
Im excited!!!!
My birthday is coming up too on the 19th of Feb. and i have to at least be 168lbs...

love ya all!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Sorry that i haven't written in a long while
But i have some good news :)
Im finally in the 180s!
Well im 188lbs but still i feel really really good!
Thanks to the Lemonade diet :D
I only did 5 days out of 10 and i lost 10 lbs...
I gained some back but then i had the control to stop eating much at all!
Im going to do it again and this time i'll try to do it for 10days :)
Im not sure when ill start, but i will :)
I have 2 jobs and now college... its craziness


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bouncing Back!

So after my bro's bday sushi, i kinda sucked at the diet thing and didn't lose weight :S
But im back on it and its my 2nd day :) i lost 4 lbs (though it might be just water weight)
Im exercising too so that helps knowing its not just water
This is a hard diet :S
Im tired all the time, cold, cranky, and just ew...
But from watching the youtube videos, this should only last the first few days... i hope

I have just 5 months and 1 day to lose about 50 lbs and i think its really manageable...
I've been watching the new series I Used to be Fat... and there is this girl who loses like 90 lbs!!! She was 250 in the begining and she ends up being 160 at the end of like 89 days...
If she can do it, so can I :)

I hope all of you are doing well

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 2 Lemonade

Today, for some reason, the lemonade isn't so tasty lol....
Part of this diet is you have to drink a herbal tea laxative before you go to bed, and i did... And it worked cuz i got up at 6:44am to eliminate my waste!!!! plus you have to do a salt water flush and that worked too but since i already went to the bathroom with the laxative, i only eliminated salt water (for the most part)...
So,... this diet seems to be detoxing me as it should but i know i have to work out too.. and im a bit too lazy to do it... which isn't good... so i'll go do a couple videos after i post this...
Im excited to see how much i can lose with this diet cuz i have watched YouTube videos on this and there have been many success stories :) like this one guy lost 20lbs within 10 days!!! but of course he worked out and stuff....
One bad thing about today is that it's my little brother's birthday... he's finally 15 :P ... and he wants to go to a sushi place tonight for his birthday and i'm thinking "how am i supposed to get through this day????" this sucks so bad.... I dont know what im going to do really... i really dont know... any suggestions?

Love ya all!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Im BACK!!!!

Soooo sorry for the long wait...
My new job is killing me!... i'm only supposed to work for on call but they put me on schedual and make you cover other shifts!!!!!

Well my dieting this has been going alright... im stuck around 195-7 which is alright cuz im finally out of the 200s!!!!
The diet i started today is the famous Lemonade diet! .... And it tastes great!!! very refreshing :P ... But for me i already drank though the 2 liters before 2pm lol and now i only have water for the rest of the day :S i hope i can make it!!!

Definitely starting to go to the gym again and excited to go (for some odd reason lol)
I have only 159 days to lose at least 40 lbs so better get started :)
I started to watch the show "I used to be fat" (there is only 1 episode cuz it just started) and this girl started out as 253 and at the end of 111 days, she was 160ish!!! that totally reved me up!
If she can do it, i can too :)

I hope you guys tried the 3 day diet on your own :) I love that diet :P
Any comments or suggestions please post :)

love you all my followers :D

ps its good to be back!!!!