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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hey Everybody

So, i've been going to the gym like everyday now and i think its going good... But i still haven't lost weight :( I know its probably from the weights, but i need to do the weights because im really big and if i dont do them, ill be flabby... Walking in an incline really helped, i can fit into a pair of jeans that i couldn't fit into couple weeks ago, but i still got to figure out another routine! Fat burning is great and all but i think i should try burning calories again... and stick with the weights. I've been looking at a new diet,... my mom was telling me how there is this buckwheat diet that seems to work really good, so i think im going to try it. I know this one girl who was 240lbs and lost alot of weight on this diet, so hopefully ill be able to as well. I hope i hope i hope i hope. I heard you can lose about 4-10kg in about 2 weeks,... which is really good! Ill put up the details of the diet soon as i start it. I need to be at least 170lbs when i go visit handsome-man's church!


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