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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well i've been watching my weight a bit through this diet. And i've found that im not losing much of anything. And i started to do some research on the diet and looking at other variations. I've noticed that my version of the diet is lower than most in calories and that other diets require 4 days of instead of three.
So i was thinking that i should have taken four days off. I should have exercised on my days off. I shouldn't have ate all that sushi. And i've also noticed that this diet can give you some-what constipation (not being able to make a bowel movement) and whether or not you are drinking alot of water your urine deposit will be low... :S
This doesn't mean i wont be stopping the diet, ill do the last day. From being about 190 at the end of day one to now being 185lbs on the beginning of the 3rd day, i think i've still accomplished something :) So, for the 3rd time ill be on this diet i will be: waiting 4 days till i do it again, exercise moderately, Drink the recommended 9 cups of water, and i'll definitely be much more strict of what i eat off the diet.
I have found the secret to burning fat!!! I was in microbiology last night and the professor has said something really interesting. All cells use glucose metabolism ( changing glucose into ATP (energy)) . You either use Aerobic or Anaerobic Respiration to do this. With Aerobic, your result is making 36 ATP; With Anaerobic your results in just 2 ATP. Results: Aerobic=36ATP= Running= no fat burn; Anaerobic=2 ATP = Walking = More fat burn! SO,... you burn more fat while you are walking, even more so if you are walking up a hill/incline! I dont know about you girls but i'd rather walk in a incline for an hour or so than run... plus you get the benefit of fat burning :P plus its the same thing while using weights...


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  1. I prefer walking as well...I am glad you told us I feel good when I am "just" walking