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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BW 2

Buckwheat diet day 2 is on the rise and i feel pretty good still :) I weighed myself really quickly this morning and it said i was 186ish :) Thats just fabulous! This thing is really working! Plus its not that hard to do. Having only to eat 2 things and restricting both to just 2 cups each, its very low in calories and again more means to lose weight! This diet is supposed to help lose 4-10kg in a week or two, which is really cool too. But the sad part is you can do it once a month :( I wonder why cant i do it every other week for two weeks? we'll see i guess.

I was at the gym last night and every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday (sometimes on Saturdays too) I see this cute guy who works at the front desk :P And I'd just talk to him and stuff and just yesterday he finally started a conversation :D which is nice cuz you don't want to be the only one trying to strike up a conversation! ... though i know nothing is going to happen between us, He's really cool guy to talk to and a good practice to feel comfortable again around guys :)

Well, handsome-man still hasn't returned a message on FB, but that's okay... I don't really look like myself on the photo anyway... besides he's barely on there anyways,... he's a busy man,... trying to become a doctor, he has a long way to go on his education, he doesn't need a girl right now to take him off his focus.

I hope that with this BW diet I'll be 175 by Sunday... So i can finally fit into my clothes again! lol


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