My Journey Thus Far:

About Me

I was wondering for a long while whether to do this 'About Me' page.
And i guess since all the support i'm getting now from my fellow readers, 
I owe it to them to be a little more open about myself.

My birthday is 02/19/90 (you can add up my age)
My career choice is to be a Registered Nurse
Dove is not my real name, and it will be changed constantly.
I also love music and wish to pursue it later on.
I want to travel the world and meet new people.
My main travel spots are: UK, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, and a few others.
Ive never been kissed, 
Ive never been on a date,
I have been asked out several times, but i knew in my heart they weren't 'the one' so I didn't feel like wasting any time with it. But with most i still remain friends.
People open up to me quickly.
People think im wise and smart, though i would beg to differ.
I love old British novels and language, as well as poetry of old.
Ive always been the black sheep in any group of family members and cliques in schools and church. Yes, i go to church.
I am a Christian Baptist. I took baptism in 2005. And its the first decision i've made.
I believe that i have a sin of gluttony. I eat food, live for food, and need more food.
Im in this sin and i am on a journey to expel it.
I have many other faults and suffer from always seeing my horrid self everyday, remembering what i've done wrong.
I wish we can turn back time.
Im not perfect, though people think i am for some reason. Some kind of innocence. But I bite rarely, but when i do its a deep ravenous wound.
I've been fat/big/chunky/overweight all my life as i know it. The smallest i've been is a size 9 in middle school. And then skyrocked to 200lbs and a size 15 because of life and regret. Now i want to go and be 100lbs. I will get there.

Any questions about me? please ask :)