My Journey Thus Far:

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I am sooooo happy!!!!!!!!! :D

I AM 190 LBS!!! :D

Natural Herbs are really helping! and eating 3x a day and very small portions...
Herbs: Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper, Multivitamin for hair nails and skin, ... some other supplements: Iron, Biotin, Calcium :)

So, for 190 lbs, what will my present be? It works body wrapping again!
I did it when i hit 195 because it was my first 10lbs lost :) It makes my stretch marks look almost invisible and skin feels really smooth and soft :P

I need to buy new pants too cuz the ones i have are ripping at the insides of the pants,... ugh i hate it! they are really comfortable!!!! oh well

Today i want to look fabulous,... i'm going to see Mr. Physics (aka physics partners) tonight at class... going to try to casually invite him to go grab a coffee with me... or something :) I have such confidence!!! :D

enjoy the pics <3


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


i feel like poop today.... i have been for the past couple days... I feel so stupid to turn to food again for comfort! i hit 192 and what do i do??? i make it skyrocket to 195 :(
Sure i'm stressed from college but that's not it... ever since the sushi date with the physics guy, i started to feel extra insecure and be full of wonder to why he would like someone like me...
I'm kinda tall sure but i am still 60+ pounds overweight.... :( I tried to talk to my friend about it but all she'd say is not to think about it... right, like that's easy to do...

I dont know what to do... should i ask him why he's been so nice and open with me? Should i just wait it out? this is driving me nuts!!!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting back on track

So i'm going back on my one meal a day diet for just the weekend because my work involves a lot of extreme lifting and walking. And of course to keep that meal under 1000 cals and eat it before 12pm so i wont binge!!! And i'm so glad that even after all this extra eating i am 194! (and under... it moves)

I had an amazing time on Tuesday with my Physics partner (read previous post to get caught up) and i screwed up bowling night on Wednesday because i freaked out for it to have only me, him, and my two friends who are bf/gf!!!! he laughed it off that i shouldn't have freaked out :P yeah.... anyway... He asked if i was free Saturday :D but i'm working till 3pm :S He wanted to invite me to go with him and his friends to Monterrey for some surfing and fun! aw.... but i dont want to scare him away with my rolls so i'm glad but sad at the same time :{

Does my physics partner like me? ... i've never been so confused...


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I said to myself today, "Dont worry about your weight today. You had sushi last night. Just worry about today and how you can maintain 192." And thats what i'm going to do. Slow and steady weightloss is more effective than a yo-yo diet. Learn to love yourself along the way and like magic you will become amazing no matter what.

This year I learned: to love myself a little more. Appreciating my flaws. and How i contribute to the world. The more i did, the more i took care of myself. Got to learn the tricks and trades of makeup, exercise regularly, and of course less pessimistic.

Me and the Physics partner hung out after class. I never been on a date, and i dont think this was, but it was bliss. We went to my favorite Sushi place, talked about serious and interesting things, he paid the bill <3, we went into town to walk around and laughed a lot there, smelled roses, and found interesting places. He said he liked how i smelled <3 (i was hoping he'd notice). We both have our quirks, but because we are similar we are more forgiving. Its a day I will never forget :)

have a lovely day,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


With all the eating i did this weekend i was surprised to find that i am 192lbs! its only one pound but one is one! I have a sushi date tonight with my Physics partner, so hopefully my small breakfast and the sushi will keep me at 192! So far i've been easing into the lemonade diet. Sticking to one or two small meals a day. If i have 2 meals, i only drink water; one meal, i have 2 cups of lemonade. need to feel loose in the bridesmaid dress!


Sunday, April 15, 2012


I am so happy to say that i have finally broken the 195s and i am now 193 range!!!! This morning i was so excited when i saw it :D And today i am working on getting down to 191lbs! This feels so good! I finally have the control again :) but i have to be honest, i do have a small meal with my lemonade diet. The first three days i have it at the end of my day around 6pm, and it helps cuz its the time where you really crave something. Today i had it in the morning, so i shouldn't have anything tonight and allow my body to lose some weight so i'll have a low number in the morning; and not see it the day before, lose it cuz of food, and then see it in the morning.

There is this guy from my class and i met him 2 years ago at my soccer class at college. He says we should go for sushi on tuesday after class :S im major nervous now! better lose extra pounds so i wont go back to 195 :( .... But super excited!!! He is tall, toned, smart, dark brown hair, blue eyes, what else can i ask for??? :P Any advice?

with love,

Friday, April 13, 2012


So i've been a 195 forever! when i get to 194 its because i havent ate all day and if i even drink water it goes up to 196 :( so i started the lemonade diet on thursday and its really hard to start! seriously! so what i'm doing is doing my zumba cardio and muscle exercises by tracy and after 6 i have a meal. So with a full stomach i am 195 so i lost a pound? ... we'll see tomoro morning. I think it will be easier tomoro since i work from 6am to 3pm and i'll sleep till 6pm so ill only have the drink. I remember when i did it so well last time, and i did it with prayer... whether you believe or not, its nice to know you can talk to someone 24/7.... especially when a sweet cake is calling your name. So try it ! i havent prayed yet, i feel embarrassed that i cant do it on my own :S but i remember the free feeling when i did.

will update soon,