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Thursday, September 30, 2010

BW 4

On to day 4 of the buckwheat diet and i have this feeling that i dont want to eat anything anymore lol. Everything tastes bland now. Yesterday of day 3 i barely ate much of the buckwheat and kefir. And then after gym my friend's dad gave us juice and i drank some,... it was good, and thats what probably kept me from having a headache today :P. I wish i could tell you all what my weight is this morning but sadly i didn't get up early enough to weigh myself before my mom came from her night-shift and now is sleeping in her room where the scale is :( But at least i see changes in my body :) My stomach is definitely flatter and stuff.

I was looking at Handsome-man's profile alot lately,... not in a stalker way, just trying to find things out... Why would someone his age, like-ness, and great personality would he still be unmarried? or is he already married? ... I've noticed most of the men in his church dont wear wedding rings and barely women do too... ugh this sucks like crazy! If only i knew who to ask... well i know someone who would, but how should i ask?? Ugh this is killing me!

Im still not in a studying mood :( thats not good at all... But im trying really hard... Though i know my microbiology class is unbearable, i need to try,... try and try again to get the grade I need! Ugh i just wish this semester would be over already!

7+ lbs less,

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