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Monday, September 20, 2010

la la laaa

Sorry for not posting for a while... i've been busy with things. I duped my Micro exam due to my superb laziness :( Now ill be doing an all-nighter to catch up on my History exam :S Whats wrong with me?? Where has my motivation gone?? I feel so stupid this semester.. really stupid... I dont want to do any homework, i dont want to go to college, All i want to do is sleep and read my bible... thats all... I hope that changes...

I've been reading my bible alot, and I'm trying to read all the books i havent read yet from the first to last book... And i've noticed that there is alot that i d
ont know, alot that i have never given thought to, and alot of things that make me think... Just like the mystery of Egypt's fall... The city was great and strong, then suddenly its crushed and dried out! I read Isaiah 19 and all makes sense to why and there is no mystery (check it out for yourself), but no one will believe it to be true. I know most of you who follow me dont believe but it really calms me when i read it.

The fourth attempt at the 3 day diet was a bit successful... i wavered away from the meal plan a bit and even started to eat too much healthy stuff but it has made me more aware of what my meals should be like. Even though i had 2 pizzas today with jello and loads of coffee, i weighed myself after i got home late tonight from gym (FYI: best time to weigh yourself is in the morning!), so i was pretty surprised that i was just 188 :P its a good thing, its hope that i would be like 186 in the morning! Im trying to go to the gym more often... Ive been going pretty much every day... It feels really good. Im also experimenting on the whole anaerobic thing. We'll see if i've been burning fat or water soon enough.

I saw Handsome-man at my church... i was a bit aware of him coming since his church was having a funeral at my church... I had my hair all styled and had elegant make-up on and tried to look slim with a black shirt... He was also wearing black (no surprise) but he had his hair styled which was different. I got to say hi to him and he said hi with mentioning my name :) but of course with his buddies and my friends around there wasn't much to talk of so it was just "you going into the line look in the casket?" sounds so bad now that i think of it :S ... but at least he knows my name :) ... ill be visiting his church soon :S i hope ill be 10lbs skinnier then at least!

I wanted your opinions,... I know Handsome-man's Facebook, should i try to add him? message him??? though i dont want to sound so desperate to him :/

<3 you all,


  1. he knows your name so he won't be like "who is that girl?" when you add him on facebook. So go and add him ;)