My Journey Thus Far:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hate Myself

I dont know what has happened to me ....
I used to be 168 lbs just 2 years ago :(
Now im back up close to 200lbs :((

Depression has been nasty
Trying to take the thoughts of suicide out of my head
its not getting any better

I need to move out of my parent's house
but i got no money to spare

O God help me!

I just bought 360 count of diet pills...
they better work

going to go drink some wine to calm me down



  1. We all fall down and sometimes it takes more struggle to get back up, but you can do it. If I, of all people, can do it you can too. 2011 is our year to shine and finally reach ALL our goals!

    Stay strong <3

  2. Im with Neeska! You don't focus on who you are now, just focus on who you want to be. Find friends online for THINSPIRATION!!! We are here for you! Try the ABC Diet.