My Journey Thus Far:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hey Everyone...

First of all thankyou all who are still following me :)

@Neeska: You are totally right, we fall but we get right back up again :) and its 2011 and its MY time to SHINE!!! Its OUR time dammit!!!! im sooo pumped up :D

@Jane Pansy: Im trying to find friends online, but i think i need to depend on myself for support cuz once those friends are gone, what am i to do? :) I've heard of the ABC diet and think of doing it but i need to do a little preparing for it :D
Oh and i've got a ton of pictures and watch millions of videos :P

Its good to be back on the road to thinness!!!! I've got my first batch of 180 pills and started to take them with a bunch of vitamins (calcium, flax, pills for skin hair nails, etc)... but the diet pills are funny cuz they don't really have anything diet about them... the nutrition states it has Acai, apple vinigar, etc :) all to suppress appetite! And they have been working :D i am now 194 lbs :) But a bad side effect from all these pills is insomnia ... but i hope it goes away once my body is used to them...

I started the LEMONADE DIET today :) im super excited! but i decided to do it Monday through friday every week so i can lose lots of weight this month... Last time i did this, I lost 10lbs in just 5 days and i felt wonderful! plus it helped me shrink my stomach so i didn't eat too much at once any longer... so im excited! hopefully i'll lose 25lbs this month!

Do you want me to post before/after pics when im down 10lbs? 20lbs? or every 30 lbs?

wish me luck :)


  1. Hi there,

    Yes I would like to see you before and after, and please stop by and comment on my blog okay?


  2. i would like to see pics every 30 lbs :) wish u the best :*