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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Im BACK!!!!

Soooo sorry for the long wait...
My new job is killing me!... i'm only supposed to work for on call but they put me on schedual and make you cover other shifts!!!!!

Well my dieting this has been going alright... im stuck around 195-7 which is alright cuz im finally out of the 200s!!!!
The diet i started today is the famous Lemonade diet! .... And it tastes great!!! very refreshing :P ... But for me i already drank though the 2 liters before 2pm lol and now i only have water for the rest of the day :S i hope i can make it!!!

Definitely starting to go to the gym again and excited to go (for some odd reason lol)
I have only 159 days to lose at least 40 lbs so better get started :)
I started to watch the show "I used to be fat" (there is only 1 episode cuz it just started) and this girl started out as 253 and at the end of 111 days, she was 160ish!!! that totally reved me up!
If she can do it, i can too :)

I hope you guys tried the 3 day diet on your own :) I love that diet :P
Any comments or suggestions please post :)

love you all my followers :D

ps its good to be back!!!!

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