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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Good food = Bad diet

So, the past few weeks i was trying to just eat very good healthy food... no junk, soda, etc... But it didn't help at all :S there are a lot of girls who are like "just eat healthy and it will slim you down" yeah right... sure... load of bullocks that is... but i guess they only did fruits and vegetables or something... but i dont know... i didn't like it cuz i didn't feel like i was dieting you know? So i was confused to how to do it and it just ruined my weight... i literally gained the 7 lbs i lost :(

But its alright... i got it covered... ill be doing the 3 day diet tomorrow and then ill follow that with the Lemonade diet after it for 5 days... and ill see if i loose 20 lbs that way... im obese so i should lose that much weight (yes i know most of it will be water weight)

I also ordered this new exercise package... its called Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson.... and it should help me start working out cuz its only like 30 min each tape and thats perfect cuz i dont like to workout that much right now... the extra weight on me makes it really hard... and it hurts to jump a lot :S ... but ill be getting it this coming Tuesday :)

I heard only one comment as to how often i should post picks to be every 30lbs... so thats what ill do :)

good luck everyone

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