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Saturday, February 5, 2011


My mom is so hilarious....
First she wants me to lose weight and glad i did some and now then is mad at the way i lose weight.. and now that she finally realized that its the only way i could really lose weight right now she is letting me do it???? WHAT??? im sooooo frustrated!!!! I could have been 175lbs right now but nooooooo my mom had to rebel against the lemonade diet...
Why wont YOU lose 50 lbs MOM!!!!????
So sadly, i can't give you a review on the lemonade diet... but i can say that it does work... It works the best when you exercise with and when you dilute the juice so you can something to sip on all day.....
Im soooo behind schedule!!!! i have less than 16days till my birthday and no where near 170 :(
Ill try to do the lemonade diet for 10 days! it is said that you can lose 20 lbs on it :D

Hope all is well,

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  1. sorry about your mom and hope all goes well