My Journey Thus Far:

Friday, April 8, 2011

oh well :)

This picture really shows me what im striving for and a glimpse of what i can be.

I really like this pic, clean and beautiful and thin.... thats what i want

So in the morning of day 3 i was soooo excited! cuz i was 184.5... but of course stupid me went on an eating rampage!!! :( but all is good i am like 185.5 ish... so i didn't gain anything :) Im doing day 3 all over again so ill have the chance to lose 10 lbs the next 5 days. And hopefully ill be able to fit into my little black dress again! and the rest of my clothes :P I am so happy to find somthing that really works for me and i dont have to starve myself! but i know ill have to train myself to not eat later to get to 100lbs... {DOVE}