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Saturday, September 24, 2011


So Sorry for not writting much this past few months... i've been super busy!!!

NO, i did not become thin for my sis's wedding... i lost a good 20 lbs in the beggining and then my body just stopped and gained some of it back :S but at least i fit into the dress right? lol

WEll, now that i'm back.. i need to tell you what i'm doing right?
I got back up to 200 lbs :S but i've been losing it ... right now im about 194
I started to go to the gym everyday and i make myself run at least 5 miles and to do a workout at home...
The workout im using right now is Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson and i really like it... you feel the burn! and in 5 min or less you will start sweating lol

Though i've only lost like 6 lbs, i see a difference.... my stomach is firm, skin feels good, and my hunger is in check :)

Im on the Lemonade diet right now... and i absolutely love it!... last time i did this, i only did it for 5 days and i literally lost 10lbs and i had a small meal every day of it; of course i did major exercise with it too... THis time i am doing it for 10 days so i can go back to my previous weight of 2 years ago, 175lbs... i hope for 180 but 175 is a good one too

You probably have heard of this diet before and lots of ppl have different recipies... this one is mine:

100ml of lemon juice (fresh squeezed)
+ 100ml Grade B maple syrup
-> into a empty 2 liter bottle
+ 1/4 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper or to taste
... fill the rest of the bottle with water

easy isn't it? :D

ill keep you all updated :)


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