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Saturday, April 9, 2011

oh yeah baby!!!

i want my story to be like this fine lady... she got skinny in the end <3

Sexy mirror picture: i want to do one, but in the future :P
"Fix up, Look sharp," says the fine looking man... it's what i need to do to get one!

Beautiful transformation <3

I want to look like this when im 100 lbs ^^^ what do you think?

SO i got up this morning kinda irritated and nervous.. why? ... well i ate 2 oranges more than i should have yesterday :S but that's okay... cuz i lost 2 more pounds!!!! so i am 184 now!!! :D It feels sooooo goood!!!! once im done with the diet, ill post the diet up on the tabs up above^^^^ and the lemonade diet :) they are both so awesome!

But a few hurdles are coming... 1) my sister's bridal shower today that will be full of good tasting foods and sweets (especially my favorite honey cake :P); 2) my period (i usually gain 5 lbs from water gain :X) and 3) stress from my upcoming organic Chemistry exam can cause a eating spike :S .... sigh... oh geez i hope i can make it!... i have worked too hard to get under 185 and i cant make anything stop me now from being under 180!!!! i hope for the best!

In other news,... i saw my Robert Pattinson - like guy the other day... he's cuter than ever! ... but he's playing hard to get... but i played it right back :P ... i hope ill be in better shape soon to show him how beautiful i am... and that he can't have me ;D to make him want me more! lol ... oh im just babbling nonsense i guess to the people who just started to follow me,... read past post to be filled in! :P

If i can lose weight, you can too... have faith in yourselves my ladies! {DOVE}

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