My Journey Thus Far:

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Tomoro is a big day to a new start in my life as a Fat child... and im pretty nervous... Will i be able to do it? or will i just fail?? :S
Buckwheat diet will be the first... its simple and easy... i will try it for 7 days... if no luck, i will try another diet... cuz whats the point of doing it for the full 14 if there is no loss??
Then i will do the 3 day diet... last time i did this, i lost 10 lbs... so i know it works...
Then i will try the lemonade diet... i've tried to start it before but i was tight on money etc so i will do it right this time!
Thats my diet line-up for now... i will definitely keep you followers posted!!!


Ps Thanks for all the support and comments!!!
Fluer, its good to hear from ya :) im glad you are okay!
And to the person who wants to gain weight, include more dairy, eggs, and protein to gain weigh without the extra water weight :)

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