My Journey Thus Far:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Long awaited

Inspiration for today!

Well i think i finally figured out what i need to do to start my low-eating-ways... I was looking through my old ana-inspired notebook and it hit me! I need to start the notebook all over again!!! Why? Well first off i think that will keep me focused on somthing that isn't on food and secondly psychologist say that music and looking at things may rev up your emotions to do something for a little while but to actually read and write is what really changes the mind set!!! I remember when i wrote everything down... all the tips, tricks, quotes, glueing on the pictures... SO i will be redoing my weight loss inspired by ana notebook this weekend and hopefully that will do the trick!
SOFIA: What is the buckwheat diet you ask? I have a tap full of info right under the big title picture thingy up there ^^^^^^^ above the weight loss tracker thingy... :) Its a good diet.... but i dont get what is up with the buttermilk... id rather drink grapefruit juice that has reduced sugar in it!!!! if you want... we can start on it together!!! and if anyone else wants to join in :P Well i have been working alot lately... almost 30 hrs in 3 weeks!!!! thats a lot!!! well for a on-call job :D... its just so fabulous!... hopefully i can travel somewhere next year... or save it up for a euro-trip!!!! :D And yes, im still 200lbs :( what a lump of fat! ugh .... i need help!!! any tips????



  1. actually this is a good idea, i think i would like to join you. Its been hard for me lately and i really like this idea. If you find any cool ana site that help you i'd love to see it.

    lots of love S xoxo

  2. stay strong! anytime you feel like buying junkfood or snacks, buy a fashion mag instead...flip through it for thinspo OR rip it up and add it to a collage or thinspo notebook! :)