My Journey Thus Far:

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


There are 31 days in December, 31 pounds can be lost... The only thing i need now is a plan on how i will lose the weight???
Today i am planning not to eat after 9am... and so far its a good plan because i have to work today too! (10:45-3:45) So for a big chunk of the day i wont be eating.
I am also going to be having a good amount of money coming in from my 2 jobs this month, so i can by stuff for my diets: Lemonade diet, Buckwheat diet, 3 day diet, and buying new workouts!
My mom even advised me to fast :S That i will certainly do.... ON SUNDAYS... cuz all other days im too stressed and wanting to eat really badly... Plus i can sleep the whole day!
First diet will be the buckwheat diet... i know i know i keep trying to start it but fail,... but its the only one i can really start... And hopefully it will work out really great!
Welcome new followers! hope you enjoy the blog! if you have any suggestions to improving the blog, please give me comments :)
<3 Ya all!


  1. Wishing you well. Keep us posted.

  2. You are doing this. I believe in you because I know you are strong!
    I missed you. And I am really sorry that I have neglected you but I had a tough time.
    But now I am back to support you.
    Much love ♥♥♥