My Journey Thus Far:

Friday, December 3, 2010

A good number

From being about 205 on Dec. 1st im now 200... Which i think is pretty good cuz i was getting stretch marks again :S.... It is probably all water weight too but that's okay... Ive been working out for about 20min a day now so that should do something in the mean time... but i plan to workout more too... i just don't want to workout vigorously and then take a day off and ruin everything.... So im doing the TurboJam learn and burn for now and im aching in the love handles already! lol

I have to be honest, the past couple days were not buckwheat diet... i had crazy cravings!... but i managed to not each most of the day and just have one meal... so it worked to bring me down but now i really have to push myself to either fast or buckwheat diet... i'll try to fast today, if that doesn't work today, i can always eat buckwheat and buttermilk :P a win/win situation :)

Hope you are enjoying the pics,


  1. love the pics!!!!! and a loss is a loss and any work out is better than none! stay strong!

  2. Pics are great! Don't get down 5 lbs. is GOOD!!

  3. interesting ..not going to follow anymore....

  4. Great job! Love the thinspo by the way <3