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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Visions of success


First off, welcome Thin_Envy to my blog :) hope you like it... Thanks to those who commented on my last post :)
I have found a notebook to right in as my new ana-inspired notebook! im going to start writing in it and printing out pics!!!! Thanks Thin_mint to your tip on buying magazines instead of food! i shall do that ! And S, i will post any websites i find interesting... but first i need to re-write what i already have :S from the sites i've viewed a while back! BUCKWHEAT DIET!!!! Okay S, lets start the diet together!!! and if any other followers want to join it on it, feel free and please tell me if you are! All you need is buckwheat and buttermilk (2%)... Only eat/drink 2 cups of each item!... i will start with buckwheat and the grapefruit juice i have... buttermilk works too but i want to try if it will help or not... When shall we start? MONDAY!!! so everyone will have a chance to see this post and join it.... :) But if anyone wants to jump in later, thats okay too :)... i was thinking of trying it for a week, and if its working, keep going... if it doesn't im going to do the 3 day diet... and after 2 weeks of buckwheat diet that worked well, do the 3 day diet :) I am a bit blank today... i reminisce the day i was 170lbs and how bad i want it again... there are piles of clothes that i dont wear anymore.... I am sooo glad im starting the buckwheat diet.... after that, the 3 day diet ... i cant wait!... im making myself some scheduals and lists i need to do everyday to keep myself busy too... With the extra money coming in, i want to try out the "hollywood diet drink" ... its basically drinking the drink for 3 days, and you lose 10lbs... sure its going to be water weight at first but if you tag another diet after it, it can stick better :) I want to go and buy myself a Shirt size small and Pants that are size 1... for inspiration... i think it would be cool :D

As you girls know, i had an exam on wednesday... And i caught a cheater that was by me... i got sooo frustrated!... Here i am trying to pass a test that i barely studied for and i knew i was going to get at least a B from... and this woman had a STACK of notes under paper!!!! :O ... :(... I waited till i got to the last portion of the exam, the essay, and i wrote her a note on my paper saying "I know you are cheating. Stop or ill tell the professor!"... she got bright red and said okay... i got back to my test and was shaking for standing up to her... i was thinking "COme on, this test isnt even that hard!" and she was rustling through her notes like she knew nothing at all and plus talking to the woman by her!!!... UGH... Is there no more guilt or conscience? Should the colleges and universities be thus polluted by people like this????? Who wants a doctor who has cheated his way through????... Ugh... 10min after i showed her the message she packed her things in frustration and started to charge for the door! but before she got there, she accidentally dropped her test and her notes on the floor in the professor's view!!... what shall i think now? will i get jumped??

Other than this incident,... Ive been feeling lonely lately,... and not wanting to hangout,... i just want to be alone... I dont think im depressed,... i just want to be alone... away from everyone and everything... I wish i had someone in the flesh by me to give me a hug and help me cry... ugh... what's become of me????

IN other news, i am planning on doing a community service thing on the 20th,... im going to go and pick up trash!!!! :D i love the outdoors! but i love it more where there isn't plastic bags all over the place :S... I reved up some other girls to go... hopefully it'll work out!

If you girls have any questions, ask :) any suggestions? do tell!

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  1. Aghh, the girl in the striped dress is heavenly.

    What are you in school for? I ask because of your comment about not wanting a doctor who cheated his way through medical school. Yeah...mostly cheating ends up just hurting the person who does it but in that case, it hurts everyone else too. not good.