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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stupid me and new job

This new job is soooo not easy... its so tiring and physically intense! ugh all i want to do is eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat!!!! :(( Plus my mom found laxatives in my room and she try to start this whole lecture on how its bad and stuff... and i was like Mom i know.... I only really use it when really need it... and it really is the truth.... i dont follow the 7 day straight pattern i use it sporadically... so she was like "Okay well just eat more fruits and vegetables and get prunes and prune juice" ... yeah sure mom, right away... i didn't even get my check yet!!! :((.... i have to by shoes for my new job and i have to pay for my spring semester (im taking Organic Chem and Microbio)... so yeah... stressful... so if you haven't noticed, when im stressed i eat big time :S.... I should do the cookies and coffee thing again... that worked real well too... till thanksgiving came along and stuff... Girls sorry for being a bother today... i hope you enjoy the pics at least :) lots of Abs showing!!! {DOVE} P.S. Welcome new follower Redlipandmusic!

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