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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

little by little

For me, trying to eat a little bit will make me eat a lot... so tomorrow I'm planning on not eating at all... I have a party to go to on Saturday and i don't want to be 200lbs... for some odd reason i do better with not eating... hopefully i can do it for more than a day. It seems like I'm getting a 2nd job and it works in shifts... 6am-2pm... perfect! cuz then i only have about 8 hrs to worry about not eating and most of it would still be working for my other job, studying, and other things :D They say when girls are in love, they have a greater chance of trying to change themselves... especially losing weight... I need to fall in love... I'd like to have someone care for me... sigh... but i know i need to at least be 170lbs to even consider myself in the dating world :S Hope you girls are doing better than i am, God bless, {DOVE}

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  1. oh cherie you don't have to be at least 170 lbs to be loved. Always remind that.