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Sunday, November 21, 2010

a minor glitch

First off, i'd like to say hello to my new follower Hempchick! I hope you enjoy the blog and participate in commenting :)

Secondly, thanks for all the lovely comments :)

ANd to
thin-is-beautiful, i am your first follower :D... and to answer your question, i use the very light laxative "Dulcolax Balance"... its not very effective, but its a good thing, cuz i dont want to have big runs, u know?? Plus never use any laxative more than the given time!!! this one is 7 days. Why? well, if you start to abuse laxatives on the regular basis, there comes a point where your body will NEED laxatives (which is bad), and if you continue your muscles will soon become relaxed enough that you CANT keep your poo in!!! ew i know, but its true,... if you dont even stop there and you seem to be fine with dark spots in your undies, your doctor will finally say, "you need a colostomy" which means you'll get a surgery done that you are going to poo into a bag outside your body by your belly button :S ..... and all this isn't a lie!!!! ... use prunes/prune juice/etc... it much better when you can't use laxatives... i've tried other laxatives, i wont lie, but it was awful pain, bloat, and gas :S egh! so yes, there is my take on it :)

What happened today? well, my brother had me tag along with him today cuz he wanted to spend time with a girl without making it seem too "date-y"... my little bro was there with me too... We went to eat sushi (i LOVE sushi :P), and once we got home i ate a hot dog, piece of cake, coffee (+milk and (2) Splenda), and i think that is it ... which isn't as bad cuz i feel in control still!!! :D and i just weighed myself and im 198 :D!!! so im good, very good... im going to have to drink down my laxative with coffee but thats all good :)

Im starting the "Hollywood diet Drink" tomoro... but with my own twist... instead of wasting $20 on a drink that who knows what in it, i bought V8 V-fusion juice in Pomegranate-blueberry :P and ill be watering it down 50/50 with water... so i have 4 cups of water/juice and 8 cups of plain water for 2 days only... and hopefully ill be able to do it! :S ... ill hopefully be busy the next 2 days!

But i have to admit, i almost fainted last night infront of my family!!! it was such a strange feeling! ... i was thinking "why??? i ate cookies and coffee for goodness sake!" so i had 2 bowls of soup so they wont suspect much... its good ol' Russian green borscht! (red borscht is really good too)...


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