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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey day is finally over

A little more turkey, a little more fruit tart, a glass of Laxative and ill be done for the day! I can't wait for tomoro to come... Finally ill start the buckwheat diet and finally see if it will work or not! first four days will be easy.... i have training from 6am-2pm and then things to do during the day... i will schedule my days and ill stick to them! ill take care of myself more better too :) More details later! I want to lose 30lbs by New Years.... Its a nasty feat to overcome but i think i can do it! Ill starve myself to get it... so ill finally feel comfortable in my own skin again.... So Buckwheat diet first, if that won't work... it will be the 3 day diet next,.... then i want to try the lemonade diet again.... all in all it should get me to my goal! {DOVE} p.s. Hello new follower!!!

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