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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Enough is enough!

Im so sick of myself trying to hide my fat.
Im so sick of having so many beautiful skirts, dresses, and shirts that are just hanging in my closet because i gained weight over the summer from stress and eating to cover the stress.
Im so sick of having people say i have a pretty face
Im so sick of having to step aside for the skinny girls to take the guys i like
Im so sick of having to doubt myself so much because of my weight
Enough is Enough!
I think I have a solution!

I found this 3 days 10lbs diet online. And i've heard of it and even tried to do it before, but i just didn't make it through the 3 days. I want to try this.... even if it is only water weight. Not only will i do this diet but ill also go to the gym. I cant stand the excuses i give myself to not go. Even if ill be there alone, im going to go and work out! And between all of this ill fast at least 1 day between diet days!!!

Ill be buying the food tonight... if not tonight, then tomoro morning... In the article the guy lost 90 lbs in 4 months! and even in the comments, people lost weight on this diet. I hope some of you will try it with me... even if not on the same days... Where to get the info? i have a new tab ^--... Check it out!


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