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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Brain pains

I hate it when my brain starts to talk to me.
Saying how much it wants to be fed in the stomach.
I say "NO!" not now wait for tomorrow"

Brain replies, "you can restart tomorrow too you know"
"no, i cant... if I'd do that what would be the point of today?"
Brain sighs and strikes me with pressure and hunger surges in the throat.

I don't mind the evil doings of my brain, but i fear ill snap.
Or that ill become robot-like and just walk into the kitchen and eat.
Not today, no not today...

I planned on being on a strict schedule for this week, its my vacation, its time.
Tuesday i don't eat after 6pm-ish, Wednesday i don't eat after 3pm
Thursday will be tough with no eating after 12pm, and with a grand finale on Friday with a fast!

Yes its a perfect plan, just perfect! And I'm actually doing it!
Though the hunger pains are coming on stronger, i know that thinspo pics will help.
And to think of my body at the end of this struggle.

Guys who are hot, don't like fat girls!
Big people get together with other big people; Hot and skinny people get together with their kind
And i want a hot dude!

This struggle will end soon enough...
When I'm going to be thin and with a man...
And if there will be no man, i have the whole world to discover :)

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  1. I love your last sentences....we really don't need men to be happy...and discovering the world is so much easier without them ;)