My Journey Thus Far:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Its nice to see that number go down a couple pounds from yesterday :)
But im still huge :(
I bet many can say that im really huge too...
Its not like im 120 and crying my eyes out for not being 100 lbs..
I am overweight and obese at 193lbs!!!!

Im still waiting for tips and pills that i can use...
Im eating alot healthier but still eating throughout the whole day! >:(
Blueberries, Corn (homemade boiled corn), Peanut butter-strawberry sandwiches on whole grain bread, coffee with milk and sugar,... ugh i feel like a cow....


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  1. It is actually alot more healther to eat through out the whole day just limit the amount. I am trying to loose weight as well, and i noticed when i do the yoyo diet my weight just goes back or even higher then it was. but when i eat small meals through out the whole day and with excersise i loose weight and it actualy stays off. I wished so many times for that magic pill. The thing that works for me is doing insanity, and then portion control and cutting out sweets/ fried food. but i do allow myself on sundays to have what ever i want because we usually go out on sundays after church and i hated watching everyone else eating yummy food. just remember when you dont eat your body goes into starvation mode and anything you put into your mouth it stores it as fat right away. That is why it is so important to eat smaller portions but more often. My friend is doing the Medifast Diet and its helping her ALOT its a healthy way and it teaches you to eat/live the right way as a lifestyle change.