My Journey Thus Far:

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I had a bloody headache this morning, but it was worth it.
The past few days were awful!
But i made it to my first goal -> 190lbs!
Im so happy!!!
At this pace i am sure to hit 170 for the pool party!

Thank you Ani and Fleur For your support :)

I still have many battles to overcome with my brain telling me to eat, but i dont care anymore.
I know what i need to do now to keep away from food.
I need to read a book, say "no" constantly to myself, and think happy thoughts.
Especially the happy thoughts of love and romance :) The books help alot with this area.
You can sit back and dream and really experience how relationships are really meant to be.

I read these books: "Surrender Bay: A Nantucket Love Story" by Denise Hunter and "What my mother doesn't know" by Sonya Sones .... Both are very lovely and would recommend you to read them... I going to start another book today but i dont know which one... I have so many!

Tomoro i will be posting a before and after pics of myself since i've hit my goal and if you check out my goal list, you will see what i did for my reward :P

Stay strong, beautiful, and thin

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