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Monday, August 30, 2010

what luck

Well, since my mom is not going to work anytime soon, i can't really start the diet :( And i was also thinking, whats the use of starting this diet if i dont even go to the gym regularly! I looked back at my Diet journal and i found the time where i was finally 170lbs and i got really emotional. To think that i was that skinny and now im a balloon... So i've decided to try out what i tried to do then. And i'll post what the diet is later. Im also going to try to fast but with school its hard since i need to use my brain rather than have it throb from hunger...

Ill post later,

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  1. oh honey I am pretty sure you will make this diet although your mom is at home. You have the strength and the motivation to do this...I believe in you.
    btw you can e-mail me if you makes supporting eacht other more easy: