My Journey Thus Far:

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Back to 190lbs everybody :( well thats what the scale says with all of my clothes on.
You know, clothes add on 2-5 lbs??? its crazy,... so im resetting all the little gadgets i got here to 190, and when i get to sneak in the scale ill change them to the appropriate weight :]

Well this morning was interesting.... cuz i got up really early to do my assignments that are due today at around 7:30 this morning (i knew my bro was totally lying about going to the gym at 7:30), and i didn't eat till like 10:30am which is nice cuz the longer i wait to eat in the morning the less hungry and less time i will have to eat before my class... hopefully my mom wont make me eat.Anyway... I had a 2x4 square of taco salad (its a saver! ill but up the ingredients later) and a cup of tea with milk and splenda.

But i had a battle today with my brain! it said "that tea needs a snack with it you know,... a nice granola bar or a croissant... Mmmm".... it was really creepy... it never happened that strong before! but i remembered my follower's advice about eating fruit,... i looked around and there was only watermelon, and old apples and bananas :(... And then i thought of another advice... that i need to go do something, take a nap, etc... and i remembered that i need to weigh myself! :) and i dragged myself out of that kitchen :D

Ah its a joy to have such strength!
Stay strong girls!

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  1. Sometimes I have the same battles. There are times when I'm afraid to go into the kitchen because there's so much food in there. I know it's a little pathetic, but I don't care. In the end it'll be worth it.
    Don't worry, after a while your brain won't say things like that :D
    Stay strong :)