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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nominated :D

Fleur from the blog "Im gonna to be Thinderella" has nominated me for this award:
Im really happy and very grateful to be nominated by such a great blogger herself :) So now this means i have to list my 5 likes and dislikes, so here it goes!

  1. Family/Friends: they are the ones that keep my life interesting and help me learn more about myself. Through thick and thin, good days and bad, i know they will always be there.
  2. Collecting: I love collecting old pennies :) Just thinking of what it was like back in 1963 and so on just makes me think how far this country has come. I love collecting Books :P good or bad i love how they sit in my book shelf.
  3. Owls! : I don't know why but I'm very fond of them :) They are mysterious night creatures and very beautiful. And i probably like them because they are always referred to as "wisdom" and "knowledge" and i also want to be smart.
  4. Books: Other than collecting them, i love reading them as well. It gives me a chance to unwind and dream more easily and gets me through the day.
  5. Writing: Its a way i can express myself and no one will know the difference between the truth and the lie :P And i love it how you can write your own happy ending <3
  1. Cold Watermelon: I just cant eat it... tastes like cold water... the only way i can eat watermelon is when its at room temperature... nice and sweet and enjoyable :)
  2. Stuck up people: I just want to throw a shoe at them or somehow show that they aren't the center of the world! But i always remember that they will one day grow old, fat, and lazy... and ill be aging beautifully, thin, and rich :)
  3. Summer: Though i live in one of the most hottest and sunniest places in the USA, i just cant stand it, i love winter more. But it may be just because im still quite big, so ill get back to you on this :X
  4. College: I know everyone says this, but i used to like it at one point. I mean im almost done, but i just have such hard classes and no fun at all. I cant wait till its all over!
  5. Spiders: Ew,... they are all over the berries, on fruit trees, and everywhere in my garden. I just think they want to jump at me :S
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Adaline: "Vanishing Point"
Jennifer: "Thin means..."
James Leanne: "Purely Empty"
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I want to thank all of my followers for giving me such great advice and really encouraging me to move forward. I've really opened my eyes to who I am, who I want to become, and how fat i REALLY am lol... Love you all very much,

Stay strong, beautiful, and thin,


  1. Oh, cool! A reward! Thank you! And I love reading these kindsa things. (: