My Journey Thus Far:

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well i went a little over-board this morning:

Jello layered caked: ~100
Burrito: 300
Cherrios w/2% milk: 250
= 650 cals already!

But im not going to go crazy on it..
I have a punishment for it.
I have my car back today,
And that means major gym time :)
At least 2 hrs worth of running, eliptical, arm stuff, etc.
I cant wait to get in shape now! ill be able to be at school all i want.
I can be far away from the fridge all i want :)
Here come the thin me even faster!



  1. it's not that bad when you binge in the morning. When you don't eat the rest of the day you can stil lose weight ;)

  2. Good attitude, girl! You still have plenty of calories the rest of the day, just plan accordingly. You'll do great. (: