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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I saw him today :)

Oh, my sweet little crush :) I feel like im in High school again...
He is a mixture of Jude Law/ Robert Pattinson/ and Ben Aflec chin= scrumptious!
He even acknowleged me too! He said hi and waved right in front of me :)
But i couldn't talk to him because i was studying with a friend, but he remembers me!
This is just great! Now i have an push to lose weight lose it quick! I only have about 3 1/5 weeks!
Just that much of summer class and who knows if ill ever see him again :S
Well i know he may have to take A&P #2 in fall and thats close to my Microclass...
But that doesn't mean ill "bump" into him.... I need an instant shrink diet!!! MAJOR!!!
Any advice???? Any advice of how to not eat for a day?? TELL ME!!!


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  1. Study, read, clean your room... You can do whatever you want, just don't go near the kitchen. If you want to eat think about how bad you would feel after binging.
    Stay strong :)