My Journey Thus Far:

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Thank you Fleur and Ani :) Thanks for your advice :) I'm keeping a handle on myself since i've come back from my singing lessons and Open Lab from college. The professor who was there helped me by explaining what in the world was "Cardiac Cycle, Pre-load, After-load" and etc. And came home just a bit happier :) I cried non stop this morning because of being overwhelmed. I think that's what finally helped me stop to eat every thing in sight.
I'm not that type of person to cry at everything, so it was a shock.
UGH when is this summer going to be over???
Though it doesn't mean the fall semester will be any different.
I have only PART 2: HUMAN ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY class to worry about,
i should be glad, i should be able to soak everything in and be fine.
Im going to go take a nap... <3 you all, my fellow readers...


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